Picture Framing

Picture Framing

We pride ourselves on being able to frame almost anything. We care about artistically preserving your memories in the most beautiful and professional way.

Our aim is to provide the best touch of craftsmanship in the art of picture framing for your needs. We are specialized in providing creative picture framing for all kinds of precious art works. A piece of rolled paper can be transformed into a spectacular framed piece of art at our gallery.

Paintings on Canvas look best with back Stretching and frame. If the art is on paper, you should consider using a backing board, a mat, glass and a frame. A glass can be normal glass, non-reflective glass or acrylic.

Normal glass gives a very clear look, but glossy. Non-reflective glass gives anti -glare look as if there is no glass on top and matt finish. Acrylic is not breakable, but one must use a soft cloth when wiping to avoid scratches.

Before you decide to frame a picture or a poster, you have to decide whether you want a border around the picture. If you decide on a border, choose a color according to the picture and not the frame. The frame can be matched with the picture or the decor of the place where you want to hang it.

Portraits And Reproductions

We specialize in oil portrait paintings of people and pets. in our gallery – quality oil painting is hand – painted on the highest quality canvas in a true – to – life, realistic style. We include the highest quality gallery wrap and customized framing on entire package.

Oil painting Reproductions are paintings that have been created by copying an original oil painting by an artist. Oil painting reproductions are distinct from original oil painting and are often of interest to collectors and museums.

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